Ugly Girl

by She Fetus

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released December 24, 2013

Jacob Hopper (album artwork)



all rights reserved


She Fetus Chico, California

Music by Helen Anker
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Track Name: I'm Going Home
I'm going home,
'Cause I know the right words to say
Oh, I felt a tongue,
A tongue to proclaim
I'm going home
The easy way

I didn't grow up in the ocean
I grew up in the tide
Latching onto tufa
Making sea urchins open wide
Oh tasting salt on my fingers
Wiping sand off my feet
Sea weed or sea lion
Washed up on the beach?

I'm going home (x3)
Track Name: Thighs as Thick as Cream
I am not my father's favorite kid
I'm not my father's favorite son
'cause he's already got one

I go for a lot of walks
And I drink diet soda pop
Because I'm afraid of calories
Please don't be upset with me

I met a girl she had a face like a skull
and thighs as thick as fucking cream
Well, she was not in love with me
Track Name: Spiderman
I love you Mary Jane
Said Spiderman to the back of his hand
And, I'm not feeling so good today
I guess I'll take the pill and just melt away
And I'm a fire made boy on my ice melting girl
And I wouldn't feel so stupid if it wasn't for this world

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can (x2)

Well, watchout, 'cause here comes the Spiderman (x2)
Track Name: Au Naturale
I've been here before I don't really like it
I took one breath and I don't really like it
Dictate, dictate where I put my skin
"Au naturale", yeah fuck that shit
Say you fantasize about my blemishes
My body will not change for your preferences
And I wont let anyone ever dictate my skin
I looked hard into myself and found I don't give a shit

"I like you natural"
Fuck off
Track Name: Society Likes to Lie
When I wake up
I look in the mirror
There's fire in my eyes
And birds in my hair

Society once said
If I was desirable to men
I'd feel good about myself
Well, society likes to lie

How hard is it to love yourself?

I've got thighs made of molasses
And a heart made of thorns
And if you touch my body
I'll send your skin to scorn

I'm a woman of nature
But I'm too scared to climb the trees
I'm a horrible lover
I'm not easy to please

Well, I've found a way to love myself
Track Name: You're Jealous
you're jealous
Aren't you
Babe, I've got strong fingers
To wrap around your neck
To tell you plain and clear
I'm not coming back
Track Name: I Swallowed Him
I swallowed my baby down
It took one gulp and he went down

Oh the taste of your blue sent me to heaven and back down

Well, now I know I've got a god in my throat
and when I sing, choir of angels in my vocal trees
Track Name: Little Spark
Little spark little spark
where you gonna shine?
Gonna shine in the worst possible places
little spark little spark
where you gonna go?
You're going to show up at the worst possible time

me and little spark
are goin to the clinic
with tears in our eyes
its alright

the clinics full of lube
golden little packets
latex and brackets to
hold your legs wide

Little spark little spark
where you gonna shine?
Gonna shine in the worst possible places
little spark little spark
where you gonna go?
You're going to show up at the worst possible time

little spark little spark
I hope you know I love you
hope you know I loved you
before I let you go goodbye

little spark little spark
do you know I loved you
do you know I loved you
before I let you go goodbye
Track Name: Be a Nice Person
Goddess of the sea
she came and sat close to me
she said something about how shitty
of a man you'd make
not that theres anyway to make a man
theres just a need to be
a decent human being
theres no such thing as penis envy
and I dont consider genital
and gender as a link
theres just the desire when youre 15
to be someone else
to get away from being bullied
by these little boys who think they're men
its like the lord of the flies all over again
did you realize when you were fingering me
that theres something really wrong if im crying
did he realize that hes not so special
when hes cheating on me with katherine
when im in the bathroom forcing myself
to throw up deep fried chicken
do you know what its like when it comes back up
do you know the texture of not feeling good enough
and these little boys they hurt little girls
and these girls grow up to rip the knee caps
out of every boy and every relationship
and they're not sure why
and when they're women they turn all that hate
into body love
troubled kids, my abused friends
we do bad things and we're not sure why
and when we get caught I cant describe the guilt
and it all comes from little boys
deep roots in misogyny
no I dont think you're jokes are funny
its not very smart to be degrading
if you listen hard to the ocean
to the sea
you can hear her whispering
be a fucking decent person
a human being